Limpopo farmer’s day a great success

For a number of years, Limpopo province has been locally renowned as a less active pig farming community. This due to various reasons, such as lack of access to services, and lack of production inputs. As part of SAPPO’s business development unit’s role to impart industry knowledge, we organised a farmer’s day on 12 October in Limpopo. The event was attended by an impressive 160 attendees. Developmental pig farmers were granted an opportunity to meet and exchange knowledge with seasoned farmers and industry role players. Input suppliers representing feed and feed additives, pharmaceutical companies, genetics, housing and equipment companies, and marketplace representatives where amongst presenters of the day. 

SAPPO would like to thank all the attendees for the interest shown in the event and look forward to meeting again in the near future. Thank you for making the day a great success!  

Kgadi Senyatsi