Business intelligence

SAPPO’s Business Intelligence unit provides innovative, accurate, practical, and relevant data analysis to the South African pork industry and other role players. It also hosts a range of digital industry interventions.

More information

For more information, contact Nico Scheltema.

SAPPO’s digital platform, the World of Pork (WoP) is an integrated platform that offers stakeholders in the South African pork value chain a protected environment to share information to facilitate interactions that create value and drive competitiveness, sustainability, and food safety in the pork industry.

Members of the public can access a variety of industry information, such as slaughter statistics, trade information, raw materials, and price information. The platform is currently used by SAPPO staff, Pork 360 administrators, veterinarians, producers, abattoirs, and other industry organisations and stakeholders to perform requested functions such as gaining industry intelligence, managing the business development and consumer assurance programmes, and performing national disease surveillance.