SAPPO Academy update

SAPPO Academy was established in 2022, following the closure of the Baynesfield Training Academy, with the mandate of promoting animal, environmental, and public health in the pig industry by influencing the behaviour of people through knowledge transfer.

One of the academy’s goals is to significantly expand our educational reach in the core spheres of our educational offering. The academy has been registered as a non-profit company (NPC), which will source its own funds to ensure sustainable delivery of training programmes. SAPPO Academy is a self-sustained, internationally recognised, and trusted educator that sets the standard for education in the pig industry.

The extensive 11-module course is designed to guide you through the fundamental principles of pig farming.  Modules may be individually purchased or purchased as a group at a discounted rate. Each module consists of a video, downloadable notes, and an assessment to be completed online. A certificate of attendance will automatically be downloaded upon completion of the assessment. In addition to the 11 paid modules, SAPPO Academy also offers numerous training materials that can be accessed at no cost. Programmes have been well received both locally and internationally, reaching audiences in just over 40 countries.

SAPPO Academy

Over the course of 2023, 187 candidates were trained in various modules, and, together with Stellenbosch Business School, SAPPO Academy also successfully implemented and completed a leadership programme for 15 attendees. Click here to learn more or view the various programmes offered by SAPPO Academy.