Celebrating our Easter extravaganza with exclusive insights just for you

As the Easter season unfolds, we’re happy to inform you that our Easter campaign has reached its pinnacle, and we would like to share the festive activities and culinary adventures that have occurred over the past two weeks. Our journey towards the Easter weekend was filled with joy, and we’re eager to share the highlights with you.

Our campaign was ignited with a singular vision: To showcase pork as the quintessential centrepiece for your Easter celebrations. Pork, with its unmatched versatility and exquisite taste, presents incredible value, promising to elevate your festive dining experience. Throughout this period, we’ve been delighted to share an array of tantalising recipes that celebrate pork’s adaptability and its role in enriching family feasts.

In the spirit of engagement and fun, we’ve also continued to run our interactive pork fact QR competition. This initiative mirrors the exciting challenge we’ve presented to you, in in this as well as out previous newsletter. If you haven’t already, we invite you to dive into this experience by clicking the banner in the SAPPO newsletter. It’s a wonderful opportunity to test your knowledge on pork facts and vie for the fabulous prizes.

As we wrap up this Easter campaign, anticipation is in the air! We look forward to revealing the results in our forthcoming newsletter, showcasing the impact of our festive recipes and the joy they’ve brought to tables across the season.

We hope your Easter was filled with happiness, and we’re excited to connect with you in our next update.