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SAPPO actively works toward a healthy and biosecure pig herd.

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SAPPO’s Consumer Assurance team liaises closely with the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development (DALRRD) to ensure that the local pig industry complies with the animal health standards of the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH, founded as OIE). Moreover, SAPPO collaborates closely with various value chain stakeholders to facilitate adequate interventions in the event of disease outbreaks.

ASF disease control guidelines

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National Pig Animal Health and Welfare Committee (NPHWC)

Although producers have always realised the value of high animal health standards for their businesses, the value of a constant focus on the health of the national herd was placed under the spotlight when two serious exotic pig diseases were identified in the country in the early 2000s. The outbreaks of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) in 2004 and classical swine fever (CSF) in 2005 underlined the importance of a high health status on farms.

Fast and timely reaction to the outbreaks by members of SAPPO, with the support of the national veterinary authorities and private pig practitioners, enabled South Africa to successfully eradicate both these diseases.

SAPPO has an excellent working relationship with the national veterinary authorities and cooperates with them on regular national serological surveys to prove the absence of many viral diseases found in other countries.

The NPHWC’s policies, projects, and decisions are implemented via the head of Consumer Assurance, Dr Peter Evans.

Name Business phone Mobile phone Email address Town Practice / Company
Heinz Bodenstein 012 460 9385 082 929 4774 Pretoria CS Vet
Peter Evans 012 460 9385 082 416 7196 Pretoria CS Vet
Annie Labuscagne 012 460 9385 082 373 9992 Pretoria CS Vet
Dorothea Mostert 012 460 9385 072 925 6509 Pretoria CS Vet
Caraleigh Stander 012 460 9385 066 307 5813 Pretoria CS Vet
Alexander Westerink 012 460 9385 074 078 5842 Pretoria CS Vet
Andrew Tucker 012 460 9385 082 858 6021 Pretoria CS Vet
Koos Botha 012 807 5877 082 600 8434 Pretoria Greenvet
Edgar Ortmann 033 330 7216 082 894 7208 Howick Howick Veterinary Clinic
Pieter Grimbeek 018 297 8155 083 625 8849 Potchefstroom Agrifarmacy
Nadia De Beer 018 297 8155 072 911 0979 Potchefstroom Agrifarmacy
Christo Fick 018 297 8155 083 225 3627 Potchefstroom Agrifarmacy
Shani Van Lochem   082 733 6384 Pretoria Preventicare
Tertius Gous   082 941 2801 Stellenbosch Herd Care Vet
Tom Spencer 012 348 0968 083 274 5930 Pretoria Tombar
Cilliers Louw   082 522 9162 Wellington Farmlands Veterinary


South Africa’s pig compartmentalisation system is a WOAH-recognised disease control method, where clearly identified biosecure units have implemented procedures to ensure that harmful diseases are kept out of the unit. Compartments perform regular serological testing to prove the absence of diseases based on requirements of countries to which we export. These diseases include porcine respiratory and reproductive syndrome (PRRS), classical swine fever (CSF), as well as endemic diseases such as African swine fever (ASF) and foot-and-mouth disease (FMD).

Compartments are managed by national veterinary services, who perform annual audits regarding their compliance to procedures as set out in the Veterinary Procedural Notices (VPN). Furthermore, all compartments receive regular visits by private pig veterinary consultants who undertake to liaise with veterinary authorities should problems occur.

The compartments allow pork and pork products to be safely exported when a trade-sensitive disease is found in the country, for example FMD or ASF.

Pork 360

The main objective of the Pork 360 programme is to address consumer concerns around food safety and welfare, including environmental stewardship, biosecurity, and traceability. The requirements to qualify for Pork 360 membership include environmental stewardship, adherence to animal welfare standards, and residue control.

Pork 360 addresses the issue of providing safe and healthy products to the consumer, while the compartment system address disease control.

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