Research and development

SAPPO actively supports pork industry value chain representatives and academia gathering to inform and coordinate research projects for the pork industry.

More information

For more information and bursary applications, contact Dr Thandi Chiaperro.

SAPPO regards research as a driver of industry competitiveness and sustainability. In collaboration with pork industry value chain representatives and academia, SAPPO’s research committee has the following objectives:

The focus of research projects should be to:

  1. Enhance industry competitiveness and sustainable growth.
  2. Enable SAPPO to intervene effectively in the pork value chain.
  3. Improve farm-level sustainability practices.

SAPPO commissioned a number of researchers to conduct literature reviews on subjects related to pig production.

The contribution of portion size of processed pork to total salt intake in the dietB Pretorius, HC Schönfeldthuman-nutrition research-development
Exploring regional differences pork production costs: perspectives from the agri benchmark initiativeTracy Davidsmanagement-and-production research-development
A review of the causes and control of boar taintStefan Guizotmanagement-and-production research-development
Comparative financial and environmental life cycle assessment of three South African pork production chainsJ.C. Muller, T.E. Kleynhansmanagement-and-production research-development
Development of a laboratory technique to simulate pig feed digestionComfort Akinsol, Felix Fushainutrition research-development
Feed intake, growth and carcass composition of weaned pigltes receiving varying levels of valine and leucine in their dietsFriedel Valentin Meyernutrition research-development
The use of prebiotics and probiotics in pigsDr Louise Marénutrition research-development
How pig pre-slaughter welfare affects pork quality and the pig industrySaymore P. Ndou, Voster Muchenjeanimal-health-and-welfare research-development
The effect of transport duration on selected stress metabolites in pigs measured with Point of Care DevicesLynette Seshokaanimal-health-and-welfare research-development
The use of plants as ethno-veterinary medical replacements for antibiotic growth promotersJessica Matchettanimal-health-and-welfare research-development
Mycotoxins in pigs: A South African perspectiveDr Hannes Viljoenanimal-health-and-welfare research-development
Review of African Swine Fever; transmission, spread and controlMary-Louise Penrith, Wilna Voslooanimal-health-and-welfare research-development