Farewell, Jolanda

In the little more than two years that Jolanda Andrag spent at SAPPO, she made an immense contribution. We will miss her insights around agriculture in South Africa, global and local politics, and helping formulate the strategic direction SAPPO has taken and will continue to take into the future. The network of contacts she has built up in, especially agriculture, is impressive and certainly assisted in charting our way forward in the new SAPPO.

The kick-starting of SAPPO’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) project and culmination into its incorporation into Pork 360 and acceptance by some financial institutions will remain a reminder of her time at SAPPO.

Operationally, Jolanda excelled at managing communications on behalf of SAPPO and managing our corporate governance activities, including board meetings and interactions with board members.

The first edition of PigX was a huge success for SAPPO, highlighting Jolanda’s ability to organise and bring together speakers, role players, and other participants for an invaluable idea-sharing and learning experience. She was also very involved in SAPPO Selekt project.

But besides her work ethic and contribution to SAPPO, Jolanda was an inspirational, jovial, funny, and caring team player. The SAPPO team will miss her immensely, simultaneously though, excited and happy for her that she has an opportunity to grow her career in Canada.

Jolanda, thank you for what you have done for SAPPO, we wish you well. Stay in touch.