SAPPO Academy training programmes: Strategic objectives for 2030

In a rapidly changing world, the pursuit of knowledge and skills has become more critical than ever before. Whether to adapt to emerging technologies or navigate complex global challenges, farmers and aspiring farmers are seeking effective avenues and training programmes for learning and development.

In response to the knowledge gap in the pig industry, SAPPO Academy was established with the sole mandate of transferring industry knowledge. The academy has been registered as a non-profit company (NPC), which will source its own funds to ensure sustainable delivery of training programmes.

The Academy’s core mandate is to promote animal, environmental, and public health in the pig industry by influencing the behaviour of people through knowledge.

Following strategic consultation, where guidance was provided on how to shape the institution, the vision for the academy is to exist as a self-sustained, internationally recognised, and trusted educator that sets the standard for education in the pig industry.

Working towards our vision, we commit to achieving the following strategic objectives by 2030:

  • Turn SAPPO Academy into a self-sustained organisation that generates external funding.
  • Significantly expand our educational reach in the core spheres of our educational offering.
  • Through partnerships, establish vibrant, self-sustainable nodal points in peri-urban and rural areas to educate influencers in the value chain.

For more information on the current training programmes, visit the academy at