Spain and France to promote “mirror clauses” in negotiations with third countries

Source:, 23 November 2021

The Spanish Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, and the French Minister of Agriculture and Food, Julien Denormandie, have agreed to strengthen their collaboration to promote “mirror clauses” in the European Commission’s trade agreement negotiations with third countries

The French minister has conveyed to Planas that the request to include the “mirror clauses” in the trade agreements that the European Commission negotiates with third countries will be one of France’s priorities, which will take over the rotating presidency of the European Union from Slovenia on January 1.

For both Spain and France the defense of reciprocity, which is to ensure that imported agricultural products meet the same environmental, health, animal welfare, or phytosanitary requirements, as well as production standards comparable to the European model, is a matter of logic and justice to ensure equal market rules for all.

Planas has remarked that the EU must be provided with “stricter regulatory mechanisms to ensure farm profitability, so that EU farmers and ranchers have a framework of homologous relations and that everyone works under the same conditions”.

November 18, 2021/ MAPA/ Spain.


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