Farmer feedback on the World of Pork Pig Movement app: Butt Farming (Pty) Ltd

SAPPO asked a few producers about their experience with the World of Pork Pig Movement app, and here is what Rhys Boast, production manager at Butt Farming, had to say.

“My day-to-day work requires me to input, interpret, and report on production figures coming out of our grower facilities. Since the introduction of the animal movement logger functionality on the World of Pork, my duties have been enhanced and simplified. I have been able to easily attain information on marketing numbers for individual production sites, improving the accuracy of our data capture, as well as ensuring that our marketing strategies for different processors is efficient and effective. The app has also improved the speed and accuracy of data transfer between the organisation and processors we supply. A key highlight for me is how quickly up-to-date information can be attained for our organisation compared to the national figures. What this does is it allows for an accurate assessment of our organisation as a whole and if we are in line with the current national trends.”

Looking into the future for the app, I see even greater integration and benefits that can arise from this platform. Not only for animal movement information, but also in disease outbreak control, which will improve our biosecurity readiness and responsiveness. Being a part of the pork industry in South Africa means that it is up to us as producers and processors to grow the sector and using up-to-date, modern technology such as the animal movement logger app is one small step that can be taken.

In the fast-paced life us pig farmers have, the ability to have an online platform, one that allows for remote access and information that is consistent and on-time, is a luxury that must be utilised.  While working with the World of Pork app over the past year, I have found that it is user-friendly, accurate, and fully integrated between producer and processor.

The South African Pork Producers’ Organisation (SAPPO) coordinates industry interventions and collaboratively manages risks in the value chain to enable the sustainability and profitability of pork producers in South Africa.