Brazil: New resolution for commercialization and monitoring of genetically modified animals

Source:, 28 June 2021, photo credit: Financial Times

The National Technical Commission for Biosafety – CTNBio published a new Normative Resolution (RN No. 32, of June 15, 2021) on the commercialization and monitoring of Genetically Modified Animals and Plants – GMOs and their derivatives of plant and animal origin.

The RN allows the genetic construction provided that the differences do not result in changes in the identity of the products. These alterations cannot cause harm to the environment and/or human, animal, or plant health.

For commercialization, it will be necessary to present a proposal to CTNBio, which will evaluate the genetic alterations made, the risks, and the impacts.

The approval of the commercial release will be conditioned to the approval of the monitoring plan or its exemption by CTNBio.

The NR also addresses the following:

  • Risk assessment for human and animal health;
  • Considerations for the evaluation of risk to the environment;
  • Organisms used for biological control;
  • Organisms for bioremediation.

This NR will allow the commercialization of genetically modified products and animals, increasing the possibility of resistance to diseases, for example.

June 15, 2021/ Brazillian Government/ Brazil.


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