The feed additives market for 2023 and beyond

Correspondent Treena Hein at All About Feed recently interviewed Isamael Roig, the president of animal nutrition at ADM, regarding his outlook for the 2023 additive market.

According to Roig, there are four main dynamics will affect the 2023 additive market:

  1. Global politics
  2. Food security
  3. Energy security and prices
  4. Plant-based protein food

“Although there have been supply chain disruptions for some specific ingredients, supply was not too problematic in the global feed industry last year,” said Roig. “However, there has been a lowering of demand due to a mix of cost pressures and inflation for consumers. That is, people are eating less meat.” He believes that the demand for feed ingredients has also been lowered by the decreased production of pigs and poultry due to ASF and avian influenza outbreaks in various parts of the world over the past few years.

When looking at 2023 and beyond, he says the industry will have to keep a close watch on four major levers:

  1. Industry structure
  2. Conversion efficiency
  3. Consumer demands
  4. Sustainability

You can read the full article as published on by clicking here.

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