What is happening with Spanish pig prices?

The great German philosopher Immanuel Kant said, “The intelligence of an individual is measured by the amount of uncertainty he can bear.” That is where we are. Exactly there.

Lately, we have jumped from one exception to the next and from one record to the next. Since the start-up of the new mega-slaughterhouse in Binéfar, Spain, the country has had a slaughter capacity that far exceeds the available supply of animals to slaughter. This inevitably causes tension in the negotiations between pig farmers and slaughterhouses. In fact, Spain kicked off 2023 with the highest pig price in history for the month of January. The recent incidence of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome has further reduced the availability of animals, meaning that the idea of pig prices coming down in February has been completely blown out of the water. We expect pig prices in Spain to move even higher than usual, and it seems that the profitability of Spanish pig production may be assured for the rest of 2023 (barring unforeseeable catastrophes).

You can access the full article by Guillem Burset, as published on www.pig333.com on 30 January 2023, here.

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