Business intelligence: 2023 strategy

Over the course of the coming year, the business intelligence team will focus on better understanding and tracking animal movements in the industry. With the recently launched Animal Movement Logger, South African pig producers can now log movements of pigs between their own units, to other producers, and to abattoirs. It also allows producers and abattoirs to share and analyse basic movement information, documentation, certifications, and veterinary data.

This information will enhance the pork industry’s ability to provide assurances to abattoirs, processors, consumers, and export partners that South African pork products are safe to eat, have been produced in an ethical way, and that products can be traced throughout the food chain. Logged movements will also reduce the time to react to disease outbreaks and to trace and notify any producers or abattoirs that may have been exposed during an interaction with the site where a notifiable disease has been identified.

The team will also further collaborate with other agricultural bodies to digitalise key industry functions such as levy collection and abattoir inspections, with the aim of increasing the efficiency of these functions and making the intelligence available to all industry stakeholders.

Nico Scheltema