What it costs to say goodbye to Eskom

Source: Hanno Labuschagne, MYNROADBAND, 6 February 2022, Photo credit: 123RF/dogfella

Typical South African households can expect to pay more than R200,000 for a solar power generation and storage system that can make them fully independent of Eskom’s electricity grid.

After a festive season without power interruptions, the re-emergence of Eskom’s rotational power cuts in the first week of February has reminded South Africans that load-shedding will be around for some time.

Eskom is taking two of its largest power generating units at the Koeberg nuclear power station offline in 2022, which means it will rely more on its unreliable coal-powered generation fleet.

Emergency power generation that was initially set to come online at the end of the year will likely be delayed.

Private renewable solar and wind projects will also take some time to add sufficient capacity to the grid to help relieve load-shedding.

Many households and businesses have become fed up with having their power cut, opting to kick Eskom to the curb and handle their own electricity needs.

But doing so is still very expensive, and breaking even on your purchase can take several years.

We used online calculators from two reputable solar and energy storage companies — Solar Advice and Alumo — to see how much it would cost to go entirely off-grid.
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