Report-back: SAPPO board meeting, May 2024

SAPPO’s board recently convened for the second meeting of the 2024 year. This meeting presents an opportunity for the board to ensure that SAPPO is executing and administering the affairs of the organisation to fulfil the strategic intent agreed upon.

Current consumer education (marketing) strategy was presented, highlighting the move from print to a more digital emphasis, together with the focus on pork facts and myth busters and retail engagements to drive the acceptability and value of pork. Communication data, including social media statistics, were shared, showing that SAPPO is communicating effectively with their target audiences.

The board noted that 2024 quarter finances remained close to budget, that there was an improvement in the management of levy collections, and they supported the change in the near future to a new service provider to perform weekly price reporting.

Regarding trade, especially exports, the board expressed concern that the opportunity to re-open export to Namibia has not materialised. SAPPO was asked to do all they could to get this important destination route re-opened.

The board also noted that the annual general meeting is scheduled for the second week of September and were excited about the festival-themed approach to the exhibition.