NAMPO news with MALU Pork

Malu Pork proudly served as the official pork supplier at the Syngenta Boerekos Plaaskombuis during this year’s NAMPO event. Recognising pork mince as a key ingredient, it was featured prominently in their delicious pork mince nachos, with over 350 servings sold daily throughout the four-day event. Additionally, SA Pork seized the opportunity to collaborate with Malu Pork by launching an engaging pork fact competition. This initiative involved a QR code that participants could scan to answer four pork-related questions and enter a lucky draw.

Results per category

1. Preferred cooking levels for pork

  • Medium: 63,46%
  • Well done: 36,54%

This data indicates that the majority of participants prefer their pork cooked to a medium level pork that is cooked yet retains juiciness. Meanwhile, the remainder of participants favour pork cooked well done, suggesting a significant preference for pork that is fully cooked, possibly for reasons of safety concerns. 

2. Usage of pork mince in recipes

  • Substitute pork mince in any recipe that calls for mince: 67,31%
  • Pork mince is never available in store: 17,31%
  • Request specific recipes or inspiration for cooking with pork mince: 15,38%

The responses regarding the usage of pork mince in recipes reveal that a majority of participants view it as a versatile ingredient, commonly substituting it for other types of mince in various dishes. 

3. Suitability for weight-loss diets:

  • Pork is a great and versatile choice for weight-loss diets: 73,08%
  • Pork might be suitable in a balanced weight-loss approach: 17,31%
  • Pork is not suitable as there are better options for a weight-loss diet: 9,61%

The participants’ sentiment was predominantly positive, with many highlighting fresh pork’s versatility and benefits for weight-loss diets. However, some expressed doubts about its effectiveness for weight loss, suggesting there might be better alternatives.

4. Actions when pork mince is not available on display:

  • Ask at the butchery counter for fresh minced pork: 90,38%
  • Complain to the store manager: 5,77%
  • Choose a different type of protein or cut: 3,85%

The responses regarding actions taken when pork mince is not available on display predominantly show that most consumers prefer to proactively ask at the butchery counter for fresh minced pork. Only a small percentage opt to either lodge a complaint with the store manager or choose an alternative type of protein or cut. This suggests that the majority of consumers are willing to seek assistance to obtain their preferred product rather than settling for alternatives or expressing dissatisfaction.

Although the competition has concluded and no prizes are currently available, those interested in testing their pork knowledge for fun are encouraged to participate by scanning this QR code.