ASF Germany: Group of sick and dead wild boar found

Source: Vincent ter Beek, Pig Progress, 12 October 2020

During a search operation in eastern Germany in the context of African Swine Fever, a herd of mostly sick and dead wild boar has been spotted near the border with Poland. The herd is said to include at least 30 animals.

The group was discovered on the island Küstrin-Kietz, which is part of the northern infection zone in eastern Germany, immediately bordering Poland. The discovery was made during an intensive search day last Saturday which involved at least 300 helpers on land, in the sky (using 4 drones, some with heat cameras) and in the water (at the Oder river, forming the border between the 2 countries).

By intensive surveillance, the idea is to identify and remove as many carcasses as possible before they further infect other wild boar. However, it looks like the amount of boar victims keeps on growing.
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