Russia embraces its new global role in pork

Photo credit: Reuters/VOA

Pig Progress

For decades after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia was one of the biggest importers in the global pork market. Those times are over now, as the Russian pig industry has not only secured self-sufficiency, but also managed to become a low-cost producer. Where to next? Sergey Yushin of the National Meat Association explains.

The Russian National Meat Association (NMA) is one of the country’s biggest and most powerful unions of farmers and meat processors. Liaising with the government, the NMA puts a lot of effort into making the domestic pig industry more efficient, to promote Russian pork in overseas markets and to boost sales to non-Russian customers. The country has all it needs in order to become one of the world’s strongest pork exporters, Sergey Yushin, NMA chief of the executive committee believes.
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