Denmark collaborates with Colombia to improve the swine industry

Source:, 9 December 2021, photo credit: The Pig Site

The Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA), the National Institute for Drug and Food Surveillance (INVIMA), and the Danish Veterinary and Food Agency (DVFA) signed a new Memorandum of Understanding to continue cooperation between Colombia and Denmark in veterinary and food safety matters.

The partnership program, which began in 2016, focused on capacity building for the swine industry, through technical assistance and scientific technical exchange in areas related to the inspection, surveillance, and control system; pathogens; animal welfare; animal disease outbreaks; risk prevention and communication, among others.

The objective of the Memorandum of Understanding is to increase the competitiveness and sustainable development of the swine industry in order to offer better products to Colombians and to access new international markets.

“This agreement is the basis for further exploring how agricultural and food operations can be run in a more efficient and climate-friendly manner by sharing knowledge, regulatory pressures, experiences, data and best practices relevant to climate and environmental challenges and aspects related to food safety and food security,” said ICA’s general manager, Deyanira Barrero León.

The previous agreements have strengthened control and inspection programs throughout the chain (from farm to table), as well as increased the competitiveness of the sector, becoming a benchmark in technical, sanitary, biosecurity and antimicrobial resistance issues, among others.

This memorandum of understanding signed by the sanitary agencies of both countries (ICA, Invima, and DVFA) will be valid for five years.

December 6, 2021/ ICA/ Colombia.

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