Why vaccines are so important for your animals

Source: Farmer’s Weekly, 6 October 2021, photo credit: HUB

Many medications are available for treating diseases and other problems, such as worms, in livestock. But by far the most important treatment you can give your animals is vaccinations against the diseases that occur in your area. Shane Brody explains why vaccines are different to other medicines, and why they are so effective.

I receive many phone calls from communal farmers requesting help with sheep, goats or cattle that are “mysteriously dying”. My first question is: were the dead animals vaccinated beforehand?

The answer is often “Yes”. But when I ask a few more questions, I’m told that the livestock were ‘vaccinated’ with Ivermax, Ecomectin or some other parasiticide.

While these are indeed important medicines that can be used to treat worms, mites or sheep scab, they are not vaccines!
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