What are some questions I should ask my financial adviser?

Source: Allison Jeftha, Fin24, 13 October 2021, photo credit: atkinsoncommonnewburyport.org

Just like insuring your car against a loss or damage, you also need to insure your life and your ability to generate an income. Your financial planner can assist you in setting up a personal insurance policy to protect you against the loss of income or life. You can use the proceeds from the policy to replace your income or take care of your loved ones when you are no longer here to provide for them. 

A good financial adviser will warn you if you are overinsured, as this leads to paying unnecessary premiums that could be better used elsewhere.

Knowing your risk profile will help you determine your risk appetite to reach your investment goals. You might like the safety and security of money market funds, but saving for retirement using money market funds means your money will not grow fast enough. 

You exchange the risk of your money fluctuating with the market with the risk that you will not be able to retire due to insufficient savings. Your financial adviser can help you find a balance between your comfort level and your investment goals to make sure you sleep well at night while being able to retire one day.

Your investment returns must be secondary to your goals. Ask your financial adviser to give you a future cash flow projection for your goal to see if you are on track. Although the projection is just an assumption, it will give you a target to aim for. In addition, if you need to make adjustments, your financial adviser can help you find a cost-effective and tax-efficient solution to meet your investment goals.
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