The failed state debate: Are we there?

Source: Prof Johan Willemse, SAPPO News, September 2020

A report by an European consultancy (Eunomix) was release a week or two ago, in which they came to the conclusion that unless some drastic policy changes are implemented in the foreseeable future in South Africa the country will become a failed state.

The debate if South Africa is already a failed state is getting momentum, with failing infrastructure and electricity shortages. Add to this corruption and infighting on the highest policy levels of the ruling party (resulting in bad and useless policy making), with a government service that fail its citizens in service delivery on all levels, it is easy to make the statement that we are already a failed state.

An organisation, Fund for Peace, over the past 60 years developed appropriate and objective research methods to give countries an index (and thus a ranking) on a fragile state status every year. In total 178 countries are included. The success and stability of countries are measured using twelve composite indicators. Countries could thus be ranked according to the score and how they are positioned relative to the definition of a fragile/failed state.
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