5 marketing trends to look out for in 2022

Source: Wavemaker/Bizcommunity, 17 January 2022, REGIONDO

We’ve heard it a thousand times before: “Digital marketing is constantly changing”. And it’s true: in 2021 Facebook alone issued over 40 updates – 40!

In an attempt to keep up with these changes – and to learn more about what we can expect in 2022 – we chatted to Fadi Sader, a digital and strategic expert at Wavemaker South Africa. Sader has been with Wavemaker since 2018 and has nine years’ experience in media and communications. His commitment to elevating performance and profitability for his clients, together with his tactical and strategic approach to brand reputation and digital marketing, led to his recent appointment as head of content at Wavemaker South Africa.

In the following piece, Sader outlines the top five strategic marketing trends to look out for this year and beyond.As digital marketers, we – and our strategies – need to be as dynamic as the world around us. Research has shown that strategies that are constantly tweaked and tested can have results that are seven times more effective than campaigns that follow a non-dynamic approach.

With that in mind, how do we set ourselves up for success in 2022, and what trends should we consider when pulling our strategies together?
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