What is the outlook for the global pork industry up to 2029?

Source: SAPPO, August 2020, photo credit: Dronelife

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development – Food and Agriculture Organization (OECD – FAO)’s Global Agricultural Outlook (2020-2029) was recently released.

Some predictions:

• Import demand is expected to increase the fastest (in terms of growth rates) in Sub Saharan Africa, while in volume terms the increase in meat imports is driven by Asia.

• The medium-term impact of ASF on global pork production is uncertain, but measures to contain this outbreak are assumed to depress global pork production in the next five years.

• Global livestock production is expected to expand by 14% supported by low feed prices and stable product prices ensuring remunerative profit margins to producers.The expansion of pig meat production will be largely concentrated in the China, which is expected to recover from the ASF outbreak by 2025.

• Global pigmeat consumption is projected to increase to 127 Mt over the next ten years and to account for 28% of the total increase in meat consumption.
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