SAPPO and DRUM’s food ambassador

Pork is in the spotlight in SAPPO and the publication DRUM’s new exiting project.

The publication DRUM, which was originally a printed magazine, has made a successful crossover to include digital platforms in its communication mix. It continues to be a trusted source of information, education and entertainment in the digital and printed space for its many readers.

DRUM is a family-orientated publication, and is to African consumers what You and Huisgenoot is to the coloured and white cultural groups.

Drum has a participation community of 4 573 985 people, with 64% female and 35% male supporters. The core group of DRUM supporters are in LSM 6, the perfect target market for SAPPO.

The project

DRUM is searching for a new junior food editor, called the DRUM Food Ambassador. SAPPO  has secured the exclusive rights to sponsor a 12-months programme, which will provide in-depth exposure and educational value.

Entrants for this competition has to cook a three-course meal, with the main course being pork, and send in a video of themselves cooking this menu.  Five celebrity or highly qualified judges will work and sift through the entries, to choose 12 finalists.

The 12 months exposure period for SAPPO will include the search process, elimination rounds and a “MasterChef-type” final cook-off in Johannesburg on 18 May.

Later in 2019, there are numerous double page spread features to follow in DRUM featuring the finalists, their winning recipes, the judges’ favourite pork dishes, and a stand-alone DRUM recipe book featuring the top pork recipes from the competition.

The project was launched digitally and in print on 15 February and the closing date for entries is 5 April.

For visual impressions and to read more about this exciting project, go to

The South African Pork Producers’ Organisation (SAPPO) coordinates industry interventions and collaboratively manages risks in the value chain to enable the sustainability and profitability of pork producers in South Africa.