Latest on ASF in Potchefstroom and the Western Cape

Source: SAPPO Weekly Update, 5 March 2021, photo credit: NEXT IAS

Origin of ASF outbreak near Potchefstroom still unclear

A commercial compartmentalised piggery in Potchefstroom area has been infected with ASF.

Currently an action plan is being formulated with NW veterinary services, DALRRD and the owners.

The most important considerations are welfare of the pigs and to address the risk of the infection spreading further.

Although there is much speculation about how ASF entered the farm, there is no clear cut indication /evidence at present.

However, there was an outbreak a couple of weeks back on small holder farms in the immediate vicinity. This is considered to be a significant contributory risk.

SAPPO pleads with it’s members to critically evaluate the biosecurity measures on their units. Strongly consider asking a competent veterinarian to do a biosecurity-specific audit on your farm.

Johann Kotzé, SAPPO CEO

Logistics and legislation makes destroying of pigs difficult

According to Dr Garry Buhrmann, state veterinarian in the Western Cape, logistics and environment legislation makes the destroying of pigs in the ASF-affected area of the Mfuleni settlement near Cape Town Airport difficult.

He is conducting talks with parties such as the Department of Environmental Affairs and the SPCA to find a solution. He said that only five small properties and 270 pigs were affected.

There are about 130 pig farmers and about 6 000 pigs in the half a kilometre square area. The 270 pigs affected therefore represents about 4% of the pig population.

“We are focusing on alternative solutions to burying the pigs as the water level is very shallow in the area,” Dr Buhrmann said.

The South African Pork Producers’ Organisation (SAPPO) coordinates industry interventions and collaboratively manages risks in the value chain to enable the sustainability and profitability of pork producers in South Africa.