Biosafety Level 3 laboratory boosts veterinary services portfolio

The Western Cape’s veterinary laboratory services boosted their portfolio significantly with the addition of a Biosafety Level 3 mobile laboratory. The state-of-the-art Biosafety Level 3 mobile laboratory – which is one of its kind in the world – underwent a service and upgrade worth R1,5m as a valuable addition to the province’s One Health approach.

Western Cape minister of agriculture, Dr Ivan Meyer said: “The facility is world-class, setting a high benchmark and best practice approach.” Among a variety of applications, it is also expected that the BSL3 laboratory will play a significant role in identifying high-risk zoonotic diseases that can spread between animals and humans.

The mobility and the cryostorage facility/biobank in the BSL3 laboratory are only some of the features that make this laboratory a world first.
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