AI in the kitchen

We recently had an exciting and interesting experience in Cape Town when SA Pork commissioned the team from POP! to create some culinary movie magic! Picture this: Probably the first-ever pork recipes created by artificial intelligence (AI) and put to the test.

The culinary playground of choice was none other than “Hope in the Kitchen”, created for the fabulous Drum online magazine. We enjoyed putting AI to the ultimate taste test, which was cooked and evaluated by Hope Malau and the POP! team.

AI wasn’t just browsing the internet for some run-of-the-mill existing recipes. Instead, it went all out and crafted a few brand-new recipes using a dataset of existing recipes off the internet. So, let’s see if AI has already turned into the ultimate recipe wizard, or does it still have a thing or two to still learn?

Our mission? To see if these AI creations are the real deal or just a digital food fantasy. Hope eagerly accepted the challenge of cooking up these recipes, all in the name of culinary exploration!

Let’s find out together how far AI has come in the realm of recipe development. Did it make our taste buds dance with delight? We can’t wait to spill the beans (or should we say, bacon?) on this tasty adventure!

Stay tuned for the full scoop on our porkalicious rendezvous with AI in the kitchen. In the meantime, here are some behind-the-scenes photos to whet your appetite.