US-China trade relationship remains indispensable on global stage

Source: Jaclyn Krymowski, The Pig Site, 14 December 2020, photo credit: IRPJ – Euclid University

Despite having hardships, the trade relationship between the United States and China is indispensable, and one of the most influential on the global stage.

Dr Wendong Zhang, an Ohio State graduate and current assistant professor at Iowa State University, discussed the current situation between the two countries as part of the 2020 Agricultural Policy and Outlook Conference hosted by The Ohio State University College of Food, Agriculture and Environmental Science.

Agricultural trade in the US is unique. It remains an area with a surplus, whereas the nation’s general global trade is yielding a deficit. Part of what makes the US unique as an exporter compared to competitors is that agricultural trade is influenced by many other issues which impact bilateral political relations.

Zhang notes that while there is a deterioration in these relations from certain parts of Asia, there are signs that both nations are working hard to keep the trade deal alive.
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