Brazil: New sanitary status will open up the meat market for Rio Grande do Sul

Source:, 14 December 2020, photo credit: Soul Brazil Magazine

The fundamental role of active surveillance for the evolution and maintenance of the health status of Rio Grande do Sul to an area free from foot-and-mouth disease without vaccination was highlighted in the State Forum for the Surveillance against Foot-and-Mouth Disease.

The event addressed the measures that are being implemented for the international recognition of Rio Grande do Sul as a disease-free zone without vaccination and the market prospects for the meat production sector.

The actions seeking to achieve the health status of an FMD-free zone without vaccination are part of a larger strategic plan, drawn up by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA), which foresees the achievement of this status throughout Brazil by 2026.

The president of the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA), Ricardo Santin, pointed out that the withdrawal of vaccination will open up international markets for pork produced in Rio Grande do Sul. China (bone-in), Japan, USA and Korea South are the world’s largest pork importers to demand FMD-free status without vaccination.

According to information from MAPA, the product that will most benefit from the change in status will be pork, but that the beef chain will also have access to markets with higher prices.

December 3, 2020/ State Secretariat RS/ Brazil.

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