ASF Poland/Germany: Permanent border fence nears completion

Source: Vincent ter Beek, Pig Progress, 12 April 2021, photo credit: Ronald Bonss/DPA/AFP via Getty Images/Bloomberg

The permanent border fence between Germany’s Brandenburg state and Poland nears completion. In a press release, the responsible minister indicated to be optimistic.

Brandenburg is 1 of the 2 Eastern German border states that have detected African Swine Fever (ASF) in its wild boar population. This weekend, the count was at 861 cases in this state alone since the onset of the outbreaks in September 2020. These were found in 3 core zones.

To the south, the virus is also found in Saxony state, where 98 infected wild boar have been discovered. 1 more German state is bordering Poland: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. This state has also been constructing a permanent fence at the border, even though no cases of ASF in wild boar have been discovered there.
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