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Third-generation pork producers Brad and Shaun Mockford of Mockford Farms are reinventing the traditional way in which pork has been eaten by prioritising the versatility of pork products.

As a third-generation family farm that produces pork, Mockford Farms has had to keep pace with ever-changing technologies, embrace superior pig genetics practices, and reinvent their pork offering to add value to the industry and to support their surrounding community and a growing consumer base. Besides supplying their quality pork to Woolworths, Mockford Farms highlights the versatility of pork products through their on-site butchery, The Flying Pig Deli, Central Pork Coffee Shop, and the Twin Towers Farm Pub. By keeping their finger on the pulse, the farm is changing the way people eat pork – by making pork biltong and droëwors, selling a variety of specially curated pork meal boxes, and even taking care of the last mile delivery.

SAPPO is contributing to making agriculture more environmentally friendly, sustainable, and future-looking by working alongside farmers who produce pork across southern Africa.


Executive producer KIRBY KRUGER
Director of photography JAKOBUS MARX
Director of photography FAHEMA HENDRICKS
Camera operator BRADLEY DEVINE
Camera operator JJ OSBOURNE
Camera assistant AQEELAH PERSENSE
Sound recordist LIEZL DURAND
Offline editor MATTHEW JAMES
Online editor MATTHEW JAMES

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