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SAPPO farmer Johan van der Walt (Walt Landgoed) is helping to protect endangered vultures.

“Agriculture and nature are intrinsically linked. It takes a special kind of person to get involved in agriculture,” says Johan van der Walt, a farmer who produces pork at Walt Landgoed. He is the protagonist in Episode 1 of SAPPO Selekt’s mini-docuseries about agriculture and pig farming in South Africa. Faced with the dilemma of how to responsibly manage his farm’s mortalities, Johan was advised to establish a vulture restaurant by veterinarian Dr Andrew Tucker. Doing so would solve two problems – it would safely minimise the environmental waste on his farm; and would provide a continuous supply of bird-friendly food for dwindling vulture populations as their survival is threatened by human development. Many SAPPO farmers have also established their own open-air vulture restaurants or have donated a steady food supply to VulPro, a vulture rehabilitation non-profit and public benefit company. These feeding sites allow endangered vultures to feed themselves and their chicks, and they play an undeniable role in the survival and long-term sustainability of various vulture populations in Africa.

SAPPO is contributing to making agriculture more environmentally friendly, sustainable, and future-looking by working alongside farmers who produce pork across southern Africa.


Executive producer KIRBY KRUGER
Director of photography FAHEMA HENDRICKS
Camera operator JJOSBOURNE
Camera assistant AQEELAH PERSENSE
Sound recordist ANNA PANKOVA
Online editor MATTHEW JAMES
Final mix DEON KNIPE

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