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Research and development update

During 2022, the Research and Development Committee of the South African Pork Producers’ Organisation (SAPPO) ...

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Summary of the BFAP research report: Explaining consumption and procurement preferences

Source: BFAP/SAPPO, photo credit: The Black Peppercorn Although pork is one of the most popular ...

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New research reveals animals are changing their body shapes to cope with climate change

Source: Matthew Symonds and Sara Ryding, The Conversation, 7 September 2021, photo credit: Global ...

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Research and development are key to resilient food systems in Africa

Source: Lulama Ndibongo Traub, Thomas Jayne and Wandile Sihlobo, Bizcommunity, 2 August 2021, photo credit: ...

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How research, collaboration are contributing to food security in Africa

Source: Bizcommunity, 14 June 2021, photo credit: Labnet Professor of Plant Breeding Maryke Labuschagne is ...