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What Pork 360 is all about

SAPPO’s quality assurance system, Pork 360, is a guarantee to the consumer and retailing sector that the producer has a consistent production process that complies with minimum standards and ensures high quality pork. Producers participate in the system by choice.

The system originated with PPP some years back, but as it is to the benefit of pork producers in all provinces, Pork 360 is now a national matter, managed by SAPPO’s Portfolio Committee for Quality Assurance.
Pork 360 was developed by producers in consultation with key players in the pork products value chain. These include abattoir representatives, processors, retailers and pig veterinarians. The number of units participating in SAPPO’s quality assurance system, Pork 360, are growing. In 2014, 33 units, representing 50 340 sows participated. In 2012 it was 31 units, representing 38 000 sows, and in 2010, 21 units representing 31 420 sows.
The Portfolio Committee for Quality Assurance dictates policy in conjunction with SAPPO’s Board and also promotes the system. A separate Auditors Committee ensures that the standards are met. The system is co-administrated by Jacobus Hoffman, manager of PPP, and Dr Peter Evans, SAPPO’s health liaison officer.
Producer and abattoir standards have already been completed while standards for processing and de-boning are now in the pipeline. Discussions with retailers are also underway.
Pork 360 also ensures that producers meet the increasing demand for food safety by retailers and consumers. A further result is that producers save in feed and medicine usage as the intensive monitoring of their production systems ensures that wastage is avoided and that opportunities for improvement in their production systems are continuously being identified. On-farm systems, practices and documentation are continuously audited. Opportunities for improvement in producers’ production systems are continuously being identified.
The system also ensures biosecurity of the highest standards on pig farms, ensuring that the industry is protected against the spreading of diseases.
Producers who participate enter into a contract with SAPPO. In accordance with Pork 360 they must have an accredited veterinary consultant who frequently visits, advises and evaluates the farm and the production pro-

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