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Reducing pre-weaning mortality and improving the weight of piglets at weaning

Reducing pre-weaning mortality and improving the weight of piglets at weaning still remains a major challenge for global swine production … probably on your farm as well?

PorcistartTM is a well-thought-out solution to meet current production challenges in the farrowing house. It is an innovative feeding solution for newborn piglets, to be given from farrowing to 10 days of age, that supplements the nutritional needs of the piglet after farrowing in a flexible way, contributing more when the gap between the demand of the litter and the capacity of the sow to sustain the milking process is higher, and complementing the development of the piglet when the availability of milk from the sow is adequate.

Porcistart has been designed as complete infant nutrition to supplement feeding in piglets according to their individual needs with 33 premium quality ingredients that contribute towards:

  • supplement nutritional needs of energy, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and water;
  • a more robust intestinal health and digestive flora;
  • reduction in the mortality of young piglets; and
  • improved growth rate and homogeneity of litters.

Unlike other alternatives like milk replacers and/or creep feeders, Porcistart delivers a blend of premium-quality ingredients in a technological package that has been designed to facilitate consumption, minimise waste, and to maximise benefits in terms of productive and economic performance for farmers.

Porcistart combines decades of expertise in swine nutrition and farrowing management, with technology that before was only available for infant care, put at the service of current challenges in the farrowing house. No other market alternative can deliver more benefits with less compromise.

Click here and use the Porcistart return on investment calculator to discover how Porcistart can assist you to improve performance in the farrowing site.

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