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Trials show benefits of feeding dietary feed grade amino acids to pigs

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Source: Pat Melgares, Farm Journal’s Pork, National Pork Board and the Pork Checkoff, 11 November 2022

Kansas State University researchers have completed work indicating that increased levels of a common feed grade amino acid can improve growth in swine herds – to a point. 
In a recent 43-day trial involving 912 pigs, the team of scientists tested varying levels of feed grade amino acids with L-lysine added to the diets of late nursery and growing pigs. 
Amino acids – in humans and animals – are molecules that combine to form proteins. They are often referred to as the building blocks of life. 
“We found that if we increase the percentage of L-Lysine as a proportion of total digestible lysine, daily gain and feed efficiency improves,” said K-State graduate student Hadley Williams, who led the study. 
But the researchers also found that when the proportion of total digestible lysine exceeds 24% of the diet, feed efficiency worsened. 
In K-State’s trial, researchers found that decreasing the amount of soybean meal below 30% and increasing the amount of L-lysine could positively impact growth performance, assuming all other amino acid ratios are adequate. 
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