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There’s no need to reinvent the wheel to boost growth in agriculture


Source: Bizcommunity/Agribusiness, 19 Jun 2020, photo credit: Education Central

The South African agriculture sector has the potential to be among the sectors that will drive economic growth and job creation during the post-Covid-19 recovery phrase. The path to realise this growth does not need new policies.

The South African government should rather recast its vision of agricultural development using chapter six of the National Development Plan as a point of departure.

The NDP proposed a three-tier approach for agriculture and agro-processing to reach its fullest potential of creating one million jobs by 2030, namely the development of underutilised land especially in former homeland areas and failed land reform farms (approximately 400,000 jobs), the expansion of export-led high growth areas (approx. 250,000 jobs) and the investment on agro-processing with integrated up-and downstream linkages (approximately 350,000 jobs).

But what will need to be done differently post the pandemic is the realisation that the broad vision should be followed up with detailed operational plans to guide the officials and various stakeholders at the local level.
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