I would like to take this opportunity and thank you for all the contributions you made in the form of videos as well as the online interviews that were conducted last year. Many of the points you raised are issues in South Africa as well, and this inspired us to take action. One of the major points raised by many of you is the issue of consumers having an inaccurate idea of who farmers are. Who is producing their food? Where does their food come from? This led us to start by addressing one single objective – to close the gap between farmers and consumers.

We have recently completed season one of a seven-part series that introducing pork farmers to consumers: Who these people are, what they do and what they care about. Season one has been actively promoted in print and through social media channels throughout South Africa, reaching just shy of a million consumers.

I invite you watch season one and gain a snapshot into who South African farmers are. Please feel free to share this season with your circle of friends, colleagues, and farmers.

We look forward to your comments and thoughts.

Many thanks, once again!

Johann Kotzé

SAPPO is contributing to making agriculture more environmentally-friendly, sustainable and future-looking by working alongside farmers who produce pork across southern Africa.

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