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SA Pork Giving with Gratitude Campaign launched

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SAPPO is contributing fresh pork stewing meat to chef schools all over the country that have joined the initiative to feed homeless and vulnerable people who currently do not have access to regular food supplies.

Approximately 55 kg of fresh pork stewing meat is cooked by the chef school students and then distributed to those who desperately need food. The initiative kicked off with the Sense of Taste Chefs’ School in Maitland Cape Town last week and will be rolled out nationally.  

“Chef schools that have joined this national initiative receive mostly starchy donations and sweets. It’s better than nothing, but nutritionally not a good option to address malnutrition. Protein-rich food such as cooked pork is a much better source of food, especially in cold weather. It is a privilege for SAPPO to make a contribution in this regard,” says SAPPO’s marketing manager, Marieta Human.  

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