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Quarterly update: Pig markets have reasons to be cautious

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Source: Dr John Strak, Whole Hog as published in Pig Progress, 12 July 2021, photo credit: Quill Group

In the world of pigs and pork caution is still required, even though Covid-19 may be a thing of the past fairly soon. Pig market expert Dr John Strak analyses the last quarter in the pig markets around the globe and looks ahead to the months to come.

The daily theme of the last 18 months has been to be careful. In almost all of our normal routines caution and vigilance have been the new norms of human behaviour.

That cautious approach, with the help of vaccines, scientists and medical personnel, may have paid off and Covid-19 may be on its way to being beaten in the developed world. But, in the world of pigs and pork caution is still required.

The way ahead, from the autumn onwards, is still not clear. Supplies of pigs look tight and that will support prices. There has been a welcome rebound in pig prices in the North America and in Europe in the 2nd quarter – although there have been some wobbles.
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