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Antibiotics: Pros and cons of using phages and enzybiotics in stead


The world of health and nutrition is currently wondering how to tackle issues related to antibiotic resistance. The use of bacteriophages or enzybiotics might form a good alternative. What are they exactly, what are the pros and cons and most importantly – how can they be used?

Truly alarming, is how best to describe the most recent data about resistance to antibiotics for pathogenic bacteria. After all, they also affect human health. It is estimated that per year, it is the cause of 25,000 human casualties in the European Union (EU) alone; worldwide, 700,000 lives are lost. In 2050, this tendency would lead to a situation where infection-related deaths will be more common than deaths as a result of cancer.

Apart from human losses, antibiotic resistance also represents an economic burden. Health spending in the EU because of resistance-related problems are estimated to cost € 1.5 billion. In that context, the European authorities have started up various programmes in an attempt to slow down the spread of harmful bacteria.
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