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Organic soybean meal imports from China drop due to pork industry pressure


Source: Jennifer Shike, Farm Journal’s Pork, 24 November 2020, photo credit: Vortex Global

Some people may be surprised that the U.S. imports “organic” soybean meal from China and other countries. After all, recent research shows viruses like African swine fever (ASF) can survive a transboundary journey in some feed and feed ingredients, in particular organic soybean meal.

Scott Dee, DVM, director of research at Pipestone Veterinary Services, says it is important for pork producers to understand that the U.S. imports some of these high-risk feed ingredients.

“Many people wonder why in the world we would do that,” Dee says. In 2018, he was part of a team that published research proving the deadly ASF virus could survive in feed being imported from another country. 
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