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Nielsen uncovers the true state of the SA consumer mindset


The 2019 Nielsen South Africa Shopper Trends Report has found that ‘lowest prices’ are no longer the key driver of store choice in the country and that value for money, along with the shopping experience is what is driving South African shopper feet through the door.

Shopper Trends is an annual report based on multiple sources of shopper data including face-to-face interviews with main grocery buyers and influencers, and information from Nielsen’s retail measurement services and consumer panel services, to track shopper behaviour and mindset.

Based on these insights and data Nielsen South Africa consumer insights director Kim Reddy says; “South African shoppers have become far more savvy and critical of retail environments and despite being hyper-aware of price changes, they also love quality products and demand an ‘experience-driven’ retail environment. This has put a lot of pressure on retailers and manufacturers alike, to innovate and convince shoppers to choose their stores and products over others.”
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