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New study report: US pork industry making sustainability progress

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Source: Sarah Mikesell, The Pig Site, 21 September 2020, photo credit: Chronic Wanderlust

As America’s pig farmers continue to fight back from the negative impact of COVID-19 and the ups and downs of markets and bad weather, a new study released shows that America’s pig farmers continue to make strides in overall sustainability.

The new study released by the National Pork Board, Production Analysis Summary for U.S. Pork Industry: 2017-2019, shows that pig farmers continue to tackle sustainability by being more efficient every day.

The 15-page report, prepared by Minnesota-based MetaFarms and its subsidiary SMS (Swine Management Services), looked at sow, nursery, finish and wean-to-finish data over a three-year period. The results reconfirmed long-term trends of increasing efficiency, which has the additional benefit of reducing production costs — an especially welcome conclusion in 2020.

“One of the greatest benefits of this Pork Checkoff-funded study is the benchmarking ability it offers producers who always want to improve their efficiencies,” said Chris Hostetler, animal science director for the Pork Board. “It’s also a great way to show today’s consumers that America’s pig farms are becoming more efficient all the time and that pork is a sustainable choice when it comes to choosing a protein.”
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