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More ASF outbreaks reported: View SAPPO’s latest ASF report

latest ASF update
Source: SAPPO News June 2021, photo credit: PRA Health Services

There have been 53 ASF outbreaks between January and mid June this year. The latest outbreak was near Bapsfontein (Gauteng). South Africa has informed the OIE of 111 outbreaks since 2016. The rapid increase in outbreaks has significantly increased the risk of ASF spilling to commercial farms. SAPPO is addressing this in several ways, says SAPPO’s Dr Peter Evans.

• SAFOSO research on the South African compartment system is at an advanced stage. Statistics have been gathered, and analysis and report writing have commenced.
• Awareness at all levels is continuing, including via social media.
• A concern is that the message is not getting out to small holder (plot) farmers e.g. the outbreak on a 450-pig unit near Bapsfontein.
• We are expecting a full report on the ASF outbreaks, which we hope will address the possible routes of entry.
• After our National Pig Health Monitoring Committee meeting in early June, we requested that the PVS vets highlight biosecurity on their farm visits, investigate possible routes of entry and most of all emphasise that a compartment certificate means nothing if there is not military style discipline on the farms, this includes managers and owners.

Additionally, disaster contingency plans need to be developed and recorded in case of a disease outbreak, which amongst other protocols, address the disposal of mortalities and culls.

Here is SAPPO’s latest ASF update, dated 5 July 2021.

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