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Minister Didiza appoints ministerial task team to investigate biosecurity

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Source: DALRRD media release, 24 August 2021, photo credit: Box Hill Institute

Minister Thoko Didiza appointed a ministerial task team on animal biosecurity with special emphasis on foot and mouth disease, African swine fever and avian influenza.

The purpose of this task team is to find mechanisms and provide recommendations on a rangeof key decisions whereby a collaborative initiative between government and private sector througha public private partnership (PPP) canbe established to tackle the country’s animal biosecurity issues.

The Task Team will also be responsible for issues which will include and not limited to realistic strategies with the intent to have an outcome that can be implemented by affected stakeholders.

Focus on the complexity of the overall animal and public health system in a “One Health” approach, liaise with technical task teams of African Swine Fever (ASF), Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) and Avian Influenza (AI).

It will consider the roles of provincial government laboratories and private sector laboratories in disease monitoring, residuetests, meat hygiene with emphasis on all stakeholders’consideration.

The following team of experts which is largely independent but with significant governmentand international experience are:

1. Prof. Johann Kirsten
2. Dr. Kgabi Mogajane
3. Dr Gideon Bruckner
4. Dr Shadrack Moephul

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