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Malawi’s farm subsidies aren’t helping women: but there are solutions

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Source: Dieter von Fintel, Anja Smith Francesca Marchetta Martin Limbikani Mwale, The Conversation, 27 April 2021, Photo credit: WBCSD

Smallholder agriculture is the backbone of food security in many sub-Saharan African households. And women, in particular, play a central role in putting food on the table.

However, there is an imbalance between what women put in and what they get out.

Women contribute many hours to produce crops for food and for sale. But when it comes to selling crops for income they don’t reap the same benefits as men.

This comes out clearly in the results of our new study into the Farm Input Subsidy Programme that distributed fertiliser vouchers to poor agricultural households in Malawi until 2019.
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