Free booklet offers insights on responsible, effective antimicrobial use in swine

Source: This Pig Site, 11 August 2020, photo credit: MultiBriefs

With few alternatives today for treating life-threatening bacterial infections in pigs and other animals, antibiotics remain essential tools for maintaining high levels of herd health and welfare.

Veterinarians and producers must use them responsibly, however — not only to preserve their efficacy in animals but also in humans. Likewise, human medicine must be part of an action plan to preserve the efficacy of antibiotics.

To shed more light on this important topic, eight swine-health experts from academia and industry came together for a roundtable discussion to talk about antimicrobial-resistance monitoring and what steps can be taken to preserve antibiotics for the pork industry.

Panelists from different segments of the swine industry addressed a variety of topics including antimicrobial resistance findings in swine, managing resistance in the field and justifying antimicrobial use to customers and consumers.
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